Education as a Guiding Frame towards Individual Fulfilment

Looking at the meaning of “education”, the translation into German provides interesting insights: the term „Bildung“ is rooted in the old high German term “Bildunga” which translates into „creation“ or „shape“. It describes the holistic upgrowth of a human being from childhood to old age, it is the constant evolvement of human potential. An integral part is lived experience which forms the self-esteem of an individual. Common one-dimensional education of human intelligence, unfortunately, cuts out a broader and more individual education.

The new millennium that has just begun is shaped by the transition from an industrialized society to a globally connected society based on common values and knowledge. These circumstances are highly demanding as it is necessary to develop skills to take on different perspectives and to reflect our actions in a local and global context. Education can refocus on the development of multiple intelligentsias of people in order to facilitate conscious actions as well as a holistic perspective to the benefit of everyone.

The true adventure of life requires trust, dedication and courage

The Core of the Human Being

The ability to evolve and to unfold a higher consciousness is what we understand as the potential of the human being. Physical and emotional development is taking place during childhood and youth while intellectual development evolves in the course of school education. This development is the fundamental condition for the individualization and the formation of a self reliant and grown-up person, irrespective of its socio-cultural background. With the establishment of these foundations and with trust, dedication and courage, the true adventure of life can begin. If we apply the image of a raw diamond shaped being, we can understand what happens in life. As soon as we start on the journey that is life, the diamond takes on its shape, resulting in a brilliantly shining gem with colorful facets.

Trustfully surrendering to your personal path takes you safely to your inner bliss

The River of Life

Human beings are just as unique as any diamond is. Our path is a personal one and so are our very individual talents and capabilities. When we look at the world as a huge puzzle, we can learn that there is a spot for everyone somewhere on this planet. It is our task to find that spot and to develop our inner talents. Once we have reached this point, true fulfillment and joy of life will prevail. We have to understand that the conditions and the challenges of the past as well as those that are awaiting us are not there to break us. The experiences we make teach us what we need in order to find our gap in the big puzzle. What we can do is to drop comparing and judging ourselves and to rather take a look inside and face our own facets and complexities. We have to face life’s challenges beyond judgement with courage and persistence. The river of life is full of insecurities, but it takes those to the sea who trustfully surrender into it.

The inner marriage of female and male elements in a person is a powerful shift

The Main Aspects of Life

During the course of life, we can develop certain essential aspects. The development of these aspects affords that we are fully aware of ourselves. While physical, emotional and intellectual development is objective and thus measurable, the inner journey we take, the exploration of our own values and of our vision of life, the value and the understanding of community and its appreciation, the discovery of inner abundance, the development of an authentic self love, spirituality and the achievement of true freedom is what happens subjectively – it is thus non-measurable. The inner marriage for example – the unification of our female and our male aspects is accompanied by immense inner happiness as this marks the end of duality. The inner marriage can remain a very personal experience but as a consequence it is also possible that a person changes their behavior and thus finds their spot in the big puzzle.

The stars reflect a perfect visible order of creation

The Universal Order

Life of mankind is one part of a bigger entity which we may call “creation”. Creation follows the principles of a universal order that is balancing the different forces. As children, we are deeply connected with all beings, all elements, and all forces – a bond to creation we tend to lose over time as it is the intellectual capacities of our mind that count in our world.

In order to find our place in the puzzle of life, we have to remember that we are always a part of the creation that is based on a universal order. Our task is to find our intrinsic point of reference and to enter resonance with the universal order. By accomplishing this step, we will know which way we have to take to find our spot in the big puzzle.

To support orientation towards fulfillment is our core mission

Our Approach

Our projects provide orientation to the people and they serve to a better understanding of the bigger picture of life. We create connection points to understand the actual meaning of creation and to learn about the multiple human intelligentsia and its dimensions. Our projects embody the appreciation of a holistic human education. We want to lift creation, its effigy and the shape of the new world to the next level – this is how we understand education in the best sense of the word “Bildunga”.