Integral Resorts

Integral Resorts are innovative and holistic holiday resorts located in natural habitats. They provide an energizing and empowering environment to their guests due to their unique offering in terms of activities, but also in terms of its build environment. Buildings, rooms and places are created on the basis of biophilic design and traditional knowledge of universal principles of order. The arrangement, structure and materials resonate with the human sensory system and have an ordering and thus calming effect. The activities offered are geared to the four phases of life: childhood, youth, adulthood and old age, and are divided into movement, awareness, community and nutrition. Shared experiences with trainers and lectures allow deep insights into human dimensions and accompany human transitions from unity to multiplicity and from connectedness to wisdom. The resorts accompany their guests towards a fulfilled and long life. 

Key facts

Pilot Project France

  • Location: Burgundy, France 
  • Plot size: 220 Hectare
  • Total Gross Floor Area: 52,750 m2
  • Number of buildings: 9
  • Project status: Development Phase
  • Certification targets for new buildings: Passive house standard, Cradle-to-Cradle Certification

At other locations

Resort type and objective 

  1. Integral Holiday Resort with a holistic health and personal development approach
  2. Distinctive experience resorts
  3. Developmental and educational attractions (“Educative Attractions”)
  4. “Must-experience destinations”


  1. Residents’ market: special places in natural solitude, within a 3-hour radius of cities and metropolitan areas with at least 5 million inhabitants
  2. Tourism market: at least 7.5 million tourist bookings per year within a 120-minute radius of the sites

Space requirements

  1. Minimum gross floor area (GFA) for hotels and temporary housing developments: 30,000 m2
  2. Minimum gross floor area (GFA) for community facilities: 5,000 m2
  3. Minimum floor area for outdoor facilities and activities: 10,000 m2


  1. International audience of all ages
  2. Companies and organizations 

Length of stay

  1. Hotel guests: 3-21 days p.a. (in general: 14 days)
  2. Permanent guests: 50-100 days p.a.

Water is Love

Water is Love is a vivacious, consciousness-enhancing world of water’s wonders. It is an unprecedented visitor attraction concept: awakening new, enduring consciousness of our relationship to water – playfully, tangibly, amazingly. This is the genesis of a new, unique and significant theme attraction focusing on the element of water, the original source of all life. Buoyant and eventful, the attraction instills in visitors a profound awareness of water – consciousness raising on a global level.

The water wonder world welcomes all people between 4 and 99 years old (or older) to experience eight eventful exhibit spaces beneath one roof, diving deeply into an exhilarating, multisensory, progressive kinship with water. Transformation and awareness are planet-profitable side effects.

Experience – Integrate – Act

Key facts

Installation type and objectives

  1. Interactive experience (permanent site)
  2. Educational attraction
  3. Must-experience destination


  1. Local resident market: large towns and cities with at least 5 million residents within a 2-hour radius
  2. Tourist market: at least 7.5 million overnight visitors within a 60-minute radius
  3. Cruise market option in seaport cities

Space requirements

  1. Plot size: + 1,000 m2
  2. Total Gross Floor Area: +3,000 m2
  3. Number of exhibit spaces: +8


  1. residents and tourists of all ages
  2. groups and school classes

Length of visit

  1. 2 – 4 hours (3-hour average)
  2. Repeat visits likely